meet Ruth

Hey there, I'm Ruth

And just like you, I wear a lot of different hats. I’m an author, podcaster and product creator. I’m a busy wife and mama, a small business owner, a daughter, sister and friend, and the founder of Ruth Soukup Omnimedia.

I originally started this company in 2010 as more of a creative outlet than anything else. As the mom of two toddlers, I was desperate to get my home and budget under control, and I found that writing about my own journey of trying to live well and spend less gave me the much-needed accountability that I needed to create real change in my life.

As it turns out, it was a journey that resonated with so many others, and over the years our community has grown to more than 1 million women worldwide, while this company has grown far beyond my wildest dreams.

These days our mission is pretty simple–to help you create a life you LOVE by providing practical tools & resources, along with the motivation to actually use them.

Because we realize that while all the practical how-to is essential–especially when it comes to getting your home in order, becoming a better time-manager, or building an online business—we also need the ongoing motivation and encouragement to actually make all those much-needed changes in our lives.

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me better. The best way to do that is by connecting with me on Instagram, as well as by joining my email list here.  And then, if you’ve got lots of time, you might also want to check out my depression story, or else read how I lost 40 pounds or why I make my bed every day. That will pretty much bring you up to speed with where I’ve been, who I am, and how I tick.

But please don’t think that I am doing this all alone! In fact this company would not exist without the daily efforts of my incredible team.

meet our Team

With a community of more than one million monthly readers, this business has blossomed far beyond what I could possibly manage all on my own.

Thankfully, I don’t have to, because I have these amazingly dedicated and talented people by my side. There might be bigger companies out there, but I promise you will not find a better team anywhere on earth!

Arabah Joy

Living Well Spending Less Marketing Assistant

AJ is the Marketing Assistant on our LWSL team. She loves blending her writing skills with marketing savvy to serve our community. Her mission is to make sure we communicate our brand’s value accurately so we can help our customers transform their lives.

Cassie Baker

EBA Lead Coach

Cassie joins her teammates wearing a number of marketing and ad strategy hats in the EBA brand, but she’s most visible as the head business coach. She’s a natural cheerleader for our community members and is frequently kept awake at night mulling over all the ways their businesses can grow!

Jessica Allen

Living Well Spending Less Community Director

Jessica is a writer, wife, and mother of five, and brings her background of education and leadership development to our team. She’s your friendly Living Well Spending Less Community Director and Customer Service Specialist!

Heather Moritz

Director of Implementation

The first person I ever hired and still joins in on all the RSO fun! Heather wears many hats to keep all of our brands running smoothly, from finances to tech and everything in between.

Kristin Mitchell

Living Well Spending Less Brand Director

Kristin is the Brand Director for the Living Well Spending Less brand. A former producer and director and mother of two, she transitioned to working online in 2020 and joined the RSO team in 2021.

Chuck Soukup
Chuck Soukup

LWSL Board of Directors President

Chuck is my amazing husband, the stay-at-home dad to our two beautiful girls, the packer of lunches, overseer of homework, master of laundry stains, and daily runner of a gazillion errands. In addition to sitting on the LWSL Board of Directors and helping with bookkeeping, he is the one who keeps me balanced and sane. We would be lost without him.

LaTrisha Sundquist

Elite Blog Academy Director

With a background in retail management, LaTrisha leads our Elite Blog Academy brand, keeping a grasp on all the moving pieces to help the team run like a well oiled machine! She loves all things numbers and geeks out over a nice spreadsheet.

Amanda Kadziolka

Thinlicious Team

Amanda likes to live in the land of logistics and help make big projects and crazy, wonderful ideas happen by thinking through the boring details that bring them to life!

Maggie Murphy

Elite Blog Academy® Team Member

Maggie has been a part of our EBA team for 6 years (and is an alumni herself)! Her exact role tends to shift based on the team’s current focus but it almost always has something to do with adding a little magic to our member experience.

Jess West

Executive Assistant

Jess joined our team in 2020 as Ruth’s Executive Assistant and has worn many hats since then. She’s definitely the one to reach out to if you need something from Ruth! Jess is also an invaluable team member for our Thinlicious™ Brand. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, three teenagers and 4 fur babies.

Kristene Valenzuela
Kristene Valenzuela

Virtual Assistant

Kristene works to ensure everything is running smoothly on our social media channels. She also answers questions, responds to comments and stays engaged with all of our LWSL readers, shop customers and EBA students.

RSO Team Photo 2023